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Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Jaguar Land Rover Appointed Repair Centre

Both Jaguar & Land Rover hold the prestige provenance and need to be repaired in only the best facilities. Aluminium repairs require special training and meticulous conditions to ensure no cross-contamination of materials occurs.

Here at Larklands we have a state of the art, purpose built clean room which was set up specifically to handle all aluminium repairs.

We have pulled out all of the stops to ensure we have the best aluminium facility available which is followed up by meticulous procedures ensuring all tooling & equipment is separate against any cross-contamination during the repair process. 

This state of the art facility is one of the most advanced of it's kind, and all of the specialised tooling is in place to carry out structural aluminium repairs on your Jaguar or Land Rover. 

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Larklands take the time to listen, they kept me informed all the time they were repairing my car, they are a professional company who care about their customers, my car came back to me in pristine condition and was valeted inside and out, they are a credit to their industry. Martin H